Chorus is a mobile application that immerses you in a neighbourhood, its local businesses and its High Streets.

Chorus is Relevant, Current & Up-to-Date

Chorus Connects the Interesting to the Interested

Chorus is Free & is for Everyone
  • Find offers by local Services & Businesses and discover local gems.
  • In real time, voice what is relevant to the community and get others involved.
  • Digitally entice existing and lure in new customers.
  • Update messages or offers in realtime.
  • Promote upcoming activities.
  • Chorus is the go-to-app for discovering what is happening around you, NOW

    Photo: Anthony White
    Key Features
    Posts on Chorus have a short life span in order to stay relevant and current.
    Content on Chorus is added from within a neighbourhood, making it more relevant to its residents.
    Chorus respects privacy and is not interested in anyone’s personal information.
    Chorus is fully functional without any form of registration.
    How it Works
    Content is displayed either on a map or in a list.
    Chorus is designed for both the iPhone and the iPad.
    Popular entries, with more likes and comments, live longer and are further emphasised.
    Adding content is simple and is done from an iPhone or an iPad.
    Use different avatars relating them to your different interests, moods or locations.
    Your followers will be notified when you create a new post. You can also email your friends letting them know your Chorus Avatar.
    Filters allow you to refine what is displayed.
    Enrich your Entries with Post+ & Location Avatars

    Specify a location for your avatar.
    See up-to-date data of how people are reacting to your post.
    Add a Web link to your post.
    Email your Chorus post to your friends or clients.
    Enable Direct Messaging and chat privately with others.

    Learn more about Post+ & Location Avatars
    Be Part of It

    In order for everyone to benefit, we need to pool our resource, take an active part and spread the news to our friends and clients.

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    Be Vocal Be Local