Creating, Following & Managing Avatars

With Chorus you can create as many Avatars as you like, relating them to your interests, moods or locations.

The main sections of this page are as follows:

Creating & Managing Your Avatars
Interacting with Other Users Avatars

Creating & Managing Avatars

Accessing your Avatars

You can access your avatars from:

  • The settings menu by selecting "Edit Avatars" menu entry;
  • or when creating Posts or Comments.
  • Selecting an Avatar

  • Tap on an Avatar in the list to make it the active Avatar
  • Creating an Avatar

  • Tap on the “Create an Avatvar” button in the list.
  • Enter a name for your Avatar.
  • You can also set an image for your Avatar. If you do not want to add an image, the default anonymous image will be used for your Avatar.

  • Add an image from your Camera, or your Photos App,
  • Alternatively find an image from the web. To add an image from the web please refer to this document.
  • Once you have added an image you can size and position it by dragging and pinching on the image.
  • To complete the process tap on the “Create Avatar” button. The new Avatar will be added to your list of Avatars.
  • Editing an Avatar

    You can always change the name and the image of an Avatar.

  • Tap to select an Avatar.
  • Edit the name and set a new image as described above.
  • Once complete tap on the “Update” button
  • Sharing an Avatar

    You can share an Avatar with your friends, colleagues or clients.

  • To Share an Avatar, Tap on the “Tell Friends of Your Avatar” button.
  • This creates an email containing your avatar file. Anyone receiving this email can tap on this file, which will open Chorus, giving them the option to follow your Avatar.

    Deleting an Avatar

  • You can delete an Avatar by swiping on the Avatar in the Avatar list. When you delete an Avatar, all its Posts and Comments also gets deleted.
  • Following Avatars

    Following an Avatar

    When you follow an Avatar, you will receive a notification when the Avatar creates a new Post. You can also use the filtering system to only see Posts by Avatar you are following.

  • To follow an avatar, from an entry or comment made by that avatar, select the Follow menu item.
  • Note: You can use the same menu to unfollow an Avatar that you are following

    View and Manage Avatars you are following

  • Select Following from the Settings menu.
  • To view recent entries by an Avatar, tap on the Avatar.
  • To Unfollow an Avatar, swipe on the Avatar in the list and tap the delete button.
  • View an Avatar's recent Posts

  • When an Avatar has created multiple Posts, an arrow appears adjacent to the Avatars icon. Tapping this arrow or the Avatar itself, will open a list view, showing all recent entries for the Avatar.
  • Block an Avatar

    In Chorus you have the option of blocking an Avatar. This will no longer show you any Posts or Comments made by that Avatar.