Adding, Editing & Deleting Posts, Comments & Direct Messages

Chorus creates a dynamic interactive community for residents and their local businesses and allows the community to interact with each other.

The sections below describe how to create and manage content on Chorus:

Creating a Post

  • Tap on the add button.
  • This will open the “Create a Post” sheet.
  • Change or create a new Avatar for your post. For more information on how to create an Avatar, please go to Creating, Following & Managing Avatars page.
  • If necessary, tap to expand the map to make it easier to set the location of your post.
  • Set the location of your Post
  • The location of your Post has to be within a 5Km radius of your existing location. This is shown as a blue circle on the map.
  • Drag the location pointer to your specific location. You can zoom in and out of the map for more accuracy.
  • On releasing the location pointer, the address name of the location will be loaded into the field below the map view.
  • If you do not want an address to be associated with the Post, you can delete the content of this field.
  • Edit the address name associated with the Post
  • If multiple addresses are found for that specific location, a drop down arrow will appear allowing you to select from the available options.
  • Tap to select a different address name.
  • Add a comment.
  • Add an image.
  • If relevant, select a tag for your post. These tags can be used by other to filter what is displayed.
  • Tap to create your Post.
  • Editing Your Post

    Open the entry in full mode. If the entry was created by one of your Avatars, it will display the Edit button. Tap on the button to open the Edit Screen.

    This will open the Edit Entry screen
  • Edit the Post text.
  • To change the image, first delete the existing image before adding a new one.
  • Change the filter tags.
  • Tap the update button to update the post.
  • Deleting Your Post

    Open the entry in full mode and tap on the edit button to open the Edit Entry Screen.

  • Tap the delete button.
  • Like a Post

    Open the entry in full mode and tap on the Like Button

    Adding a Comment to a Post

    Open a Post from another user in full mode. Tap the add comment button.

    Note: You can only add comments to a post from another user.

    This will open the “Add a Comment” sheet.
  • Add some text.
  • Add an Image.
  • Tap to add the comment to the Post.
  • Now the comment’s icon will change to red, indicating that you have added a comment to the post. Tapping on the icon will scroll to your comment.
  • Editing or Deleting your Comment

    To edit or delete your comment tap on the Edit button adjacent to your comment. This will open the Edit Comment sheet that will allows you to edit or delete your comment.

    Note: All comments are associated with their host Post, and if the creator of the Post deletes the Post, all its comment will also get deleted.

    Private Messages

    If the creator of a Post has created a Post+ and has selected to receive Direct Messages, you can then communicate privately with that person. The exchange of comments between yourself and that user will not be displayed to any other users.

    Open a Post from another user in full mode and tap on the Direct Message icon.
  • Direct Messages are created in the same way as comments. Add some text, an image or both, and then tap the Done button.
  • Your Direct message will be added to the list of comments and is only displayed for you and the creator of the Post. To indicate that you have created a Direct Message, the icon will turn red.
  • The Creator of the Post can reply to your Direct Message using the Reply button.
  • Hide a Post or a Comment

    Tap on the menu adjacent to a Post or a Comment and select the hide option.