Location Avatars

Location Avatars allow the users to specify a location for an avatar, giving them the option of creating as many Posts as they want, for that location, from anywhere. Location Avatars also support all the additional features available with Post+.

The main sections of this page are as follows:


Location Avatars can only be created with monthly subscriptions and there are packages available for creating one, two, three and five avatars. Each avatar will be tied to its own location.

The subscription process is handled through Apple AppStore, making it easy to either cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you want.

  • To view prices for your region, tap on the Help button adjacent to the "Upgrade to Paid+" button in "Creating a Post" screen.
  • The image below shows pricing in US $.
  • Creating Location Avatars

    Once you have started a subscription, placeholder Location Avatars will be added your list of Avatars.

  • Tap on the placeholder Avatar to edit it.
  • Tap on the "Set Location for Avatar" to set the location for your Avatar.
  • Setting the location of the Avatar

  • If the location of your Avatar is not within your vicinity, you can search for it in the search field provided, otherwise you can skip to item 3.
  • Tap on an entry from the list returned from the search result. This will set the location of the map to the selected entry.
  • Zoom in on the map and reposition the pointer if necessary.
  • If you would like a custom location name to be associated with your avatar, edit this field. For example if your business is on the second floor of a building, you might add “2nd Floor” to the beginning of the name.
  • Tap the Set Location button to complete the process.
  • Add image and name to Avatar

  • Add an image and a name for your avatar in the standard way. This is explained in detail in Creating, Following & Managing Avatars section of this documentation.
  • Tap the “Create Avatar” button. This will create your location avatar and will add it to your list of available avatars.
  • Using Location Avatar

    Once you have created your Location Avatar, it appears in your list of Avatars and its address appears below it. You use Location Avatars like any other Avatar when creating an entry.