For an approximate 1$/post, you can upgrade a post to Post+. This gives you a number of additional features which are outlined below.

Use the Post+ to promote an upcoming event, announce a special offer, the availability of a new menu item, or just remind your customers of Friday night's happy hours.

Also if you have created a Location Avatar, all posts created with that Avatars can fully utilise the Post+ features.

Enabling Post+

Tap on the add button on the main screen to open “Create a Post” sheet.

  • Toggle the button to enable Post+.
  • On the same line, the number of available Tokens for Posts+s are also shown. One of these Tokens will be used when you create a Post+. These Tokens can be topped up from the AppStore. Initially you are given five complementary Post+ tokens enabling you to explore the feature.
  • To buy additional Tokens, tap on the help icon.
  • This will open the Post+ option sheet which goes into some detail of the available features with Post+.
  • At the bottom of the sheet you have the option of buying Post+ tokens as well as subscription packages.
  • Display of Post+

    A post+ is given more emphasis on the map, and it will be available for at least three days (twice as long as the minimum time for a standard posts), and if it is popular, it may be visible for up to ten days.

  • Add a web link for further information in regards to your Post
  • Link as it appear in the Post
  • Multiple Images

  • Upload up to 10 images for each post.
  • Images as they appear in the Post
  • Email to Announce Your Post

  • Email a Chorus link to your users. When a recipient taps on the link, it will open Chorus and will take them directly to your Chorus Post. You can send as many emails to as many people as you would like.
  • Direct Messages

  • Allow users to contact you privately and exchange comments with them without these messages being visible to other users.
  • Direct Message as it appears on a Post.
  • Start Time

  • Set the start time of your Post to any day in the coming week.
  • Analytics

  • See up-to-date data of how many unique views your Post has had per day, and how many times it has been opened.
  • Sheet showing analytics data. The data shows that the Post initially was created 4 days ago.