Viewing Content

Chorus gives you the option to view what is happening around you or around the world in multiple ways. These are described in the following sections below:

What is Displayed on a Map

When you open Chorus you are presented with a map which shows all the current active entries around you.

  • The number of rings around an entry shows its popularity and it is determined by the number of likes or comments it has received.
  • When entries are too close to show individually, they will merge and a number is displayed at their centre representing number of entries at that location.
  • The centre colour of an entry also indicates who the post is from:
  • Blue: your post.
  • Red: post from someone you are following.
  • Gray: default colour.
  • An inner red ring: post from a Chorus Guru.
  • Tap on an entry to see a thumbnail of its content. If there are multiple entries for that specific location, swiping on the thumbnail will show the other entries in that group.
  • Tapping on a thumbnail will displaying the entry in full with its comments.
  • The image below shows the display of an entry in full.

    Search For a location

    You can also search for a specific location on the map.

  • Tap to start a search.
  • Enter a search term.
  • Select from one of the results returned.
  • Now the map jumps to that specific location.

    List Views

  • Tap on list button to see nearby recent Posts in a list format.
  • List view gives you multiple ways of seeing content either locally or from around the world.
  • See what is happening around you.
  • See what is trending around the world.
  • Search for a user or a location.
  • Tapping on an entry will open the entry in full.
  • Filtering Content

    You can use filters to narrow down what is displayed in both list and map views.

  • Tap the filter button.
  • Select what you would like to be displayed.
  • Tap outside the filter window to activate the filter.
  • Note: When using filters, your own entries will always be displayed.

    See Upcoming Events

    In Chorus you also have the option to view events for the upcoming events.

  • The time bar can be used to display entries for the upcoming week. A dark circle marker for a day indicates that there are posts for that particular day within the display area of the map.
  • Tap on day to jump and reload the map for that day.